Richard Sloan
"hey, doktor!"
Wed Feb 20, 2019 13:47

Don't you remember, Steve, that on all of my bus tours I recreated Cemetery John hollering out, "Hey, doctor! Over here!"? It gave an added dimension to the story for everyone. However, it was never intended to be an effort by me as to whether or not Lindy heard the call from across the street. The participants stood where Lindy parked, I left it up to them to interpret the event. The conditions weren't the same. The street wasn't as quiet.

  • at the trial a newspaper reporter heard Lindbergh say after hearing Hauptman that he was really sure it was his voice. I have the article but who knows I personally feel Hauptman was at the cemetery
    • "hey, doktor!" — Richard Sloan, Wed Feb 20 13:47
      • st. raymond's tripbob mills for richard sloan and forum, Thu Feb 21 11:59
        I remember the bus trip when we visited St. Raymond's, Richard. Standing where Lindy parked, I remember thinking that he was right in saying how difficult it would be to identify Cemetery John's... more
        • hey, doktor!Richard Sloan, Fri Feb 22 10:09
          ALways good to hear from you. You wrote that you believe CAL had a change of heart about hearing Bruno's voice bec. he was convinced from other evidence. I have a very diff't take on it. I believe... more
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