Richard Sloan
Travel channel
Wed Feb 20, 2019 13:59

Steve Romeo just called to tell me that the Travel Channel will present an episode which I take it will be dealing with some unsolved mysteries, such as the D.B. Cooper and Lindbergh kidnapping mysteries. He said it will air April 7. I thought he said Sue posted it. I don't see it here. I haven't been on this site for a few mos. I used to recv email alerts about posts, but that dropped out of my email for some reason. ( "Out of site; out of mind, etc;") I had trouble getting to this site in the past. Steve's call prompted me to try to get on here again, and this time I succeeded, and re-subscribed to get the emails. Hope this finds my Lindbergh kindaping pals well! Hauptmann's house still stands but seems to be deserted and looking worse than ever. COndon's has been nicely improved with a new roof, new porch, and appears to be a rental, with three different door bells. I peeked into a front window and could see that the beautiful fireplace in the front parlor has been walled up. The room is also shut off from the dining room behind it, and now houses a refrigerator. A German book about Hauptmann was recently pub. in paperback. I bought it, but don't know German. It has a few photos of BRH with ANna, and with friends that I've never seen before.

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