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st. raymond's trip
Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:59

I remember the bus trip when we visited St. Raymond's, Richard. Standing where Lindy parked, I remember thinking that he was right in saying how difficult it would be to identify Cemetery John's voice from that distance.

I'll always believe his change of heart in court owed to the fact that he'd become convinced FROM OTHER EVIDENCE that Hauptmann had kidnapped the Eaglet. The same would be true of Jafsie's identification of Hauptmann.

Someday, it might be possible to understand how Public Enemy Number One, a guy whose description had been circulated to every cop in the New York area, could have wondered around the Bronx for 2-1/2 years in plain sight, without a disguise, never once being spotted by a cop or ever showing any fear of being spotted.

  • "hey, doktor!"Richard Sloan, Wed Feb 20 13:47
    Don't you remember, Steve, that on all of my bus tours I recreated Cemetery John hollering out, "Hey, doctor! Over here!"? It gave an added dimension to the story for everyone. However, it was never... more
    • st. raymond's trip — bob mills for richard sloan and forum, Thu Feb 21 11:59
      • hey, doktor!Richard Sloan, Fri Feb 22 10:09
        ALways good to hear from you. You wrote that you believe CAL had a change of heart about hearing Bruno's voice bec. he was convinced from other evidence. I have a very diff't take on it. I believe... more
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