Richard Sloan
hey, doktor!
Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:09

ALways good to hear from you. You wrote that you believe CAL had a change of heart about hearing Bruno's voice bec. he was convinced from other evidence. I have a very diff't take on it. I believe that it was DA FOley who did the convincing.
THey had known ea. other since CAL was a kid, back in the day that CAL's dad was a congressman, and Lindy trusted him. I think he said to him right after the brief Grand Jury hearing, in effect, "I believe we have an airtight case agst. the man," and then he may have enumerated such things as the just-found closet molding and the money. I think Foley said that if he would identify him from his voice, they would get a conviction. So he did so.

  • st. raymond's tripbob mills for richard sloan and forum, Thu Feb 21 11:59
    I remember the bus trip when we visited St. Raymond's, Richard. Standing where Lindy parked, I remember thinking that he was right in saying how difficult it would be to identify Cemetery John's... more
    • hey, doktor! — Richard Sloan, Fri Feb 22 10:09
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