Denied Access to the Cellar of House on 1279 E 222nd St.?
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Max Rausch, the Hotel Gramatan waiter who was the owner of the house in which Bruno Richard Hauptmann lived, and of the garage in which thousands of dollars of the Lindbergh ransom money was found hidden, was "on the verge of a breakdown," it was learned fifteen years ago this week. Rausch was taken to the Bronx and questioned for hours by New York and federal detectives. He was returned here and went back to his job. Rausch, with New York and Westchester reporters besieging the hotel and the cottage where hotel employees were housed, said he had to keep dodging, partly because he was worn out with discussing the Hauptmann case, and partly because, if he were constantly interrupted at his work, he might be in danger of losing his job. Interviewed, he declared simply that Hauptmann's manner was not unusual, did not make him as suspicious. The house and garage were being torn down board by board by federal authorities looking for clues. The information which caused authorities to begin excavations in the cellar of the house in the Bronx came from Bronxville.

Some weeks previous to Hauptmann's arrest, George Merritt, Bronxville agent for an oil burner, tried to interest Rausch in installing a burner in his house. Rausch said that he was willing to have an estimate made and Merritt sent two men to the Rausch house to study its heating system and estimate the cost of changing it. Mrs. Rausch was about to admit them when Hauptmann, they reported to Merritt, objected so strenuously that they were forced to leave without having seen the cellar. When Hauptmann was arrested, Merritt reported the incident to
Detective Harry Titlebaum of Bronxville, who reported it to federal agents. Work was immediately begun on the cellar of the house.

"Across The Years"
The Bronxville Review Press
Thursday, September 29, 1949
Page 5 -- Second Section

  • The Bronxville Press/Bronxville Review Press has CONSISTENTLY spelled Max Rausch, owner of 1279 East 222nd Street in the Bronx, as R a u s c h. Rausch was a waiter at the Hotel Gramatan in... more
    • The Gramatan and Rausch garageRichard Sloan, Sun Feb 24 10:03
      I remember the Gramatan. I grew up in White Plains. It was located right along the east side of the Bronx River Parkway, and I passed it a number of times by car. Rausch's concerns about the police... more
      • gramatan hotelbob mills for forum, Mon Feb 25 10:05
        I lived around the corner from the Gramatan Hotel from 1963 to 1967, in our first apartment on Kensington Road in Bronxville. It was a grand old place, if no longer in heavy demand. I wonder how a... more
        • Re: gramatan hotelSue for Bob, Tue Feb 26 20:17
          Maybe Max Rausch earned good tips? Greta Garbo, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Gloria Swanson are the names of just a few of the personalities that Rausch may have met in the 1930s at the Gramatan.
      • garageAnonymous, Sun Feb 24 18:56
        Whose garage? The one that BRH built? As far as I know, Rausch never married.
        • rauch garageRichard Sloan, Tue Feb 26 08:50
          yes, anonymous, the cops rebuilt the garage that Bruno built. Almost identical. I wonder why they rebuilt it, if Bruno had built the orig. one (on Rauch propty). Did Rausch tell the cops that he paid ... more
          • Re: rauch garageAnonymous, Thu Feb 28 13:09
            But there is a problem since the original BRH garaga was NOT built on Rausch's property, but partly on NYC land. We still lack some details obviously. And IF the BRH garage WAS reconstructed... more
            • garageRichard Sloan, Fri Mar 1 09:38
              How did you learn, anon., that the garage was "partly" on NYC propty, not Rausch's. ? And why only "partly"? TODAY IS THE ANNIV. OF THE GREAT CRIME.
              • Re: garageAnonymous, Fri Mar 1 11:20
                So what happened to this supposed "reconstruction" of the BRH garage? Do you think the newspapers were mistaken on this claim? Why is there never an actual photo of the "re-build"? I doubt it ever... more
                • garageRichard Sloan, Fri Mar 1 17:21
                  for anonymous. I guess you didnt read my post of about a week ago. I wrote that the garage was rebuilt for Rausch and that I have an orig. wire service photo of it. So this will change your doubt... more
                  • Re: garageAnonymous, Sat Mar 2 09:44
                    but you didn't answer the question -- what happened to the "re-built" garage?
                    • garage fateRichard Sloan, Sat Mar 2 09:53
                      whatdya think happ'd to it? It was torn down some yrs. later when the houses there now were built.
      • Re: The Gramatan and Rausch garageSue for Richard, Sun Feb 24 16:17
        Thanks for sharing about the Gramatan, Richard! One Bronxville Press article says that Max Rausch was handed his subpoena to testify at the trial as he was waiting on his tables at the Gramatan! And... more
    • Denied Access to the Cellar of House on 1279 E 222nd St.? — Sue, Sat Feb 23 14:11
      • Sue, denied accesstanialee, Sun Feb 24 03:14
        Hmm...this was am intetesting tidbit to read. You always find great pieces concerning the case, more power to you.😁
        • The Bronxville Press NewspapersSue for tanialee, Sun Feb 24 15:33
          Hello, girlfriend! How are things with you, tanialee? The Bronxville Press may be a treasure chest of important information about the LKC! The Tuesday, September 25, 1934 issue of The Bronxville... more
    • "Hauptmann Gave No Cause For Suspicion, Says Hotel Waiter" Max Rausch, Hauptmann's Landlord, Employed Here, Says Lindbergh Kidnapping Suspect Must Have Changed Ransom Money Before Paying Him Rent.... more
      • 50 Year Ago Gramatan Waiter Testifies in Lindbergh Kidnap Trial Max Rausch, Hotel Gramatan waiter and landlord of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, Lindbergh kidnap suspect, took the witness stand in the... more
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