Sue, denied access
Sun Feb 24, 2019 03:14

Hmm...this was am intetesting tidbit to read. You always find great pieces concerning the case, more power to you.😁

  • FIFTEEN YEARS AGO Max Rausch, the Hotel Gramatan waiter who was the owner of the house in which Bruno Richard Hauptmann lived, and of the garage in which thousands of dollars of the Lindbergh ransom... more
    • Sue, denied access — tanialee, Sun Feb 24 03:14
      • The Bronxville Press NewspapersSue for tanialee, Sun Feb 24 15:33
        Hello, girlfriend! How are things with you, tanialee? The Bronxville Press may be a treasure chest of important information about the LKC! The Tuesday, September 25, 1934 issue of The Bronxville... more
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