Sue for tanialee
The Bronxville Press Newspapers
Sun Feb 24, 2019 15:33

Hello, girlfriend!

How are things with you, tanialee?

The Bronxville Press may be a treasure chest of important information about the LKC!

The Tuesday, September 25, 1934 issue of The Bronxville Press has LKC-related news such as "Rausch is Silent on Lindbergh Case" and "Believes Fisch Innocent in Kidnap Case."

A letter written by Fisch surfaced with the help of a man called Solomon Trager.

See page 1.

The LKC through the lens of Westchester County, New York?!

  • Sue, denied accesstanialee, Sun Feb 24 03:14
    Hmm...this was am intetesting tidbit to read. You always find great pieces concerning the case, more power to you.😁
    • The Bronxville Press Newspapers — Sue for tanialee, Sun Feb 24 15:33
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