Bronxville Review Press, January 24, 1985
Sun Feb 24, 2019 16:39

50 Year Ago

Gramatan Waiter Testifies in Lindbergh Kidnap Trial

Max Rausch, Hotel Gramatan waiter and landlord of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, Lindbergh kidnap suspect, took the witness stand in the Fleminton, N.J. murder trial Tuesday, testifying that the attic floor in his home at 1279 E. 222 St.,the Bronx, was intact when he rented it to the Hauptmanns in 1931, several months prior to the
kidnapping. The prosecution contends that Hauptmann used a piece of attic flooring in the construction of a ladder found outside the Lindbergh home.

On leaving the stand, however, according to reports, Rausch told newspaper representatives a much different story than the verbal picture of the accused man that he gave a Bronxville Press reporter last September.

Bronxville Review Press
January 24, 1985

  • "Hauptmann Gave No Cause For Suspicion, Says Hotel Waiter" Max Rausch, Hauptmann's Landlord, Employed Here, Says Lindbergh Kidnapping Suspect Must Have Changed Ransom Money Before Paying Him Rent.... more
    • Bronxville Review Press, January 24, 1985 — Sue, Sun Feb 24 16:39
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