Tip Provided to Detective Harry Titlebaum
Tue Feb 26, 2019 20:42

Do you believe the story of Hauptmann denying the boilermen entry to the the cellar at 1279 East 222nd Street in the Bronx a few weeks before he was arrested?

Bronxville Detective Harry Titlebaum was given the tip about the incident with Hauptmann that led authorities to the Rausch cellar.

Here is a picture of Titlebaum in his younger day:

(See page 2.)

Detective Harry Titlebaum died in October of 1959.

Here is Harry's obituary, including a picture of him later in life:

(See the front page.)

(See page 15 about the George Merritt story of sending two of his men to the Rausch house. When Hauptmann was arrested Merritt told Detective Titlebaum about the cellar story.)

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