Re: garage
Sat Mar 2, 2019 09:44

but you didn't answer the question -- what happened to the "re-built" garage?

  • garageRichard Sloan, Fri Mar 1 17:21
    for anonymous. I guess you didnt read my post of about a week ago. I wrote that the garage was rebuilt for Rausch and that I have an orig. wire service photo of it. So this will change your doubt... more
    • Re: garage — Anonymous, Sat Mar 2 09:44
      • garage fateRichard Sloan, Sat Mar 2 09:53
        whatdya think happ'd to it? It was torn down some yrs. later when the houses there now were built.
        • Re: garage fateAnonymous, Sun Mar 3 18:42
          it would be great if there were some reference, even years later, to when the "rebuilt" garage was demolished. That would be a great find! Oct 22, 1934? That was pretty fast for the reconstruction.
          • garageRichard Sloan, Mon Mar 4 09:56
            personally, I see no point in determining when the heck the replacement garage was torn down. To me it's a non-issue, not worthy of any more discussion.
          • garageRichard Sloan, Sun Mar 3 20:21
            I welcome you to ascertain the address of the house now on the site of the garage and look up when the construction permits were issued for it.
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