Richard Sloan
Sun Mar 3, 2019 09:48

Sue didnt have to wait for me to email her the garage pic. Her resourcefulness is always amazing. The first one, small tho it is, seems to be identical to the wire service copy I own. Thanx, Sue, for sharing it with everyone else here.
Last Tues., my friend Art Klein passed away at the age of 84. He had been a director at ABC Radio and then moved to the TV side, for a total of 48 years with the company -- a record. He and I seldom worked w/ea. other, but we immediately learned that we were both student of the Lincoln assassination. SO we got along famously, having lunch together on many occasions in the ABC-TV cafeteria. Can you imagine how stunned we both were when we learned years later that we were also very interested in the kidnapping??!! I arranged for Art and me and Steve Romeo to get into Hauptmann's attic well over 15 years ago -- no doubt the only students of the case to have ever done so. It was a day the 3 of us never forgot. Unfortunately, our stay in the attic, to look for the spot where the infamous floorboard had been located, was in vain. We found the spot, alright, but the attic was so cluttered with boxes, strollers, shopping carts, and all sorts of junk, that we couldn't see more than two inches of the spot where it had been (and had been replaced with a diff;t board, of cs). Nevertheless, we stood in that legendary attic. Whenever we corresponded, Art would close with, "from the Boad Nellie." Rest in peace, Arturo.

  • Rebuilt GarageSue, Sat Mar 2 12:08
    Here is a picture of the REBUILT garagg. The picture on the top of the page is from the October 22, 1934 issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. (page 9) You may need newspapers dot com to see the... more
    • Re: Rebuilt Garagesteve for sue, Mon Mar 4 10:27
      i never saw the rebuilt garage. for the people who couldn't open it max raush is standing by the doors of the garage. now theres windows something hauptmann wouldn't of put in for obvious reasons
      • Re: Rebuilt GarageSue for Steve, Mon Mar 4 19:52
        Yes, Steve. That is a wonderful picture of Max Rausch in front of the newly-built garage. The photo is from The New York Daily News for March 4, 1935. The caption under the picture reads: "Max Rauch, ... more
    • garage — Richard Sloan, Sun Mar 3 09:48
      • Re: garagesteve for rich, Tue Mar 5 18:15
        art was a great guy I wish I was more prepared for the attic visit. when I showed kelvin keraga the pictures of the attic he said I was right near where rail 16 was. igot to sit in the babys closet... more
        • bruno's houseRichard Sloan, Tue Mar 5 20:56
          it was a memorable day we shared. you may recall that I figured out where rail 16 had been. it really was easy. the police drawing and photos of the attic made it possible. too bad it was so... more
      • lincoln and lindberghbob mills for richard sloan and forum, Mon Mar 4 09:39
        Richard, I'm not surprised that your friend was a devotee of both the LKC and Lincoln's murder. Think of what they have in common: A sudden tragedy involving an American icon. Both deaths derived... more
        • Art KleinRichard Sloan, Tue Mar 5 17:23
          Leave it to you, Bob, to come up with coincidences. Despite my repeated suggestions, Art Klein never subscribed to this site, the Boothie Barn, or joined the Surratt Society. Once he concluded that... more
          • two coincidences and a theorybob mills for richard sloan, Wed Mar 6 12:16
            Funny you should mention the Titanic, Richard. I've always been intrigued by the story, especially since my father was born at the exact hour that the ship sank, in the very early morning of April... more
            • R.M.S Titanic TheorySue for Bob, Sat Mar 9 12:16
              One theory is that the Titanic was intentionally sunk knowing that many very wealthy personages were on that ship. Macy's owner Isidor Straus, John Jacob Astor, and Benjamin Guggenheim (to name just... more
            • Titanic or OlympicWayne, Thu Mar 7 08:09
              Bob, If it helps, here's one of the books making the claim that the Olympic was switched for the Titanic:... more
              • possible titanic fraudbob mills for wayne, Fri Mar 8 09:23
                Thanks, Wayne. I'll try to do some critical analysis, primarily for the benefit of the gal who first called my attention to this in the "Unsolved Mysteries" class.
                • Wayne for Bob MillsWayne, Fri Mar 8 09:30
                  Thanks Bob!
                  • it probably was the titanic that sankbob mills for wayne, Sat Mar 9 09:09
                    I read it over, Wayne. The number 401 on the Titanic's hull seems to debunk the story. I'll report back once I talk with the gal who called it to my attention a few years ago.
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