Sue for Steve
Re: Rebuilt Garage
Mon Mar 4, 2019 19:52

Yes, Steve.

That is a wonderful picture of Max Rausch in front of the newly-built garage.

The photo is from The New York Daily News for March 4, 1935.

The caption under the picture reads:

"Max Rauch, owner of home in which Hauptmann lived, inspects new garage put up by police to replace one torn down in search for ransom money."

  • Re: Rebuilt Garagesteve for sue, Mon Mar 4 10:27
    i never saw the rebuilt garage. for the people who couldn't open it max raush is standing by the doors of the garage. now theres windows something hauptmann wouldn't of put in for obvious reasons
    • Re: Rebuilt Garage — Sue for Steve, Mon Mar 4 19:52
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