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Re: Washington State University Collection
Tue Mar 5, 2019 09:12

It's a great collection Sue and thanks for posting this. So nice to see these individual news clippings! I'm always a bit wary of the accuracy of some of the reporting, but they often show a lot of the faces I've only every had a name against.

  • This is quite a collection of newspaper clippings about the Lindbergh kidnapping from such Northwest/Pacific newspapers as the Spokane Chronicle and the Spokesman Review! (This projected was funded,... more
    • Was Alexander Witten the man who walked into Reverend Vincent Godfrey's church on Palm Sunday in 1932? Why didn't Burns reveal who confessed to him on that day at Union Church in Palisade, New... more
      • Picture of Alexander Christian WittenSue, Sun Mar 10 13:37
        Here is a picture of Alexander Christian Witten. I'm not sure whether or not Witten looks like Hauptmann. Is Witten the man who walked into Reverend Vincent G. Burns' church on Easter Sunday 1932? Is ... more
    • extortionbob mills for sue and forum, Tue Mar 5 10:38
      Sue, did you notice the caption to the first photo? It described Hauptmann as pleading "non guilty" to a charge of extortion (only). No mention of the death of the Eaglet.
      • Millard Whited Recants His TaleSue for Bob, Wed Mar 6 12:39
        I like this clipping, Bob. Millard Whited says the police told him to change his story weeks before Hauptmann died in 1936.... more
        • millard whited, opportunist par excellencebob mills for sue and forum, Thu Mar 7 09:58
          I like it too, Sue. Whited was a pathological liar whose own family didn't trust him. My guess is that he lied here, too. I doubt the cops told him to change his story. I think the real reason was... more
          • I believe Whited, being illiterate, latched onto phrases he heard from others and repeated things he was coached to say.
            • whited, illiterate except for $$$$$.bob mills for sue, Sun Mar 10 09:48
              You're probably right. But he also knew that a share of the reward money was his for "remembering" that he'd seen Hauptmann in Hopewell.
              • Re: whited, illiterate except for $$$$$.steve for sue, Wed Mar 13 10:53
                I think he saw hauptmann, and houchmuth also
              • Picture of Millard WhitedSue for Bob, Sun Mar 10 13:47
                Is this picture of Millard Whited for real?! I first thought that he was sticking his tongue out at the camera, but when you zoom in you see that it is a cigar! He was living the high life once he... more
                • whited and the LKCbob mills for sue, Mon Mar 11 10:53
                  That photo conforms to my recollection of Whited from 20 years ago or so, Sue. For me, he represents the case perfectly. Incompetent police work exacerbated by strident demands for results from the... more
                  • WhitedRichard Sloan, Tue Mar 12 09:10
                    I have seen a couple of pics of him walking to or from either the trial or a Grand Jury hearing, wearing a long and expensive looking black coat and what appears to be a silk scarf. He was relishing... more
                • Although...Sue for Bob, Sun Mar 10 13:50
                  Although, maybe he ALWAYS smoked cigars?
          • WIlentzRichard Sloan, Fri Mar 8 10:01
            I agree that Wilentz was what amts. to being unethical re: Whited and Hochmuth. But I think that placing rail 16, which came from Bruno's attic, at the scene of the crime, is tantamount to placing... more
            • rail 16bob mills for richard and forum, Fri Mar 8 18:34
              Richard, as I recall (somebody correct me if I'm mistaken), that attic had been searched 19 times by cops looking for evidence against Hauptmann. Nothing was found. Suddenly, after Hauptmann is... more
              • atticRichard Sloan, Fri Mar 8 22:42
                I think those cops were only looking for money and anything else they thought mite be evidence. They weren't looking for something that WAS NOT there, only for things that WERE there.
        • WhitedRichard Sloan, Thu Mar 7 09:52
          In other words, they asked Millard to "Whited out" his words?!
          • Re: WhitedSue, Sat Mar 9 12:35
            Millard Whited's name fit his character!
      • Re: extortionSue for Bob, Wed Mar 6 12:33
        Yes. I see that, Bob.
    • Re: Washington State University Collection — Joe for Sue, Tue Mar 5 09:12
      • Bring Back the Bookmobile!Sue for Joe, Wed Mar 6 12:46
        It's always refreshing to see the Lindbergh kidnapping through a new perspective! Maybe West Coast reporters brought something new to the table! I wonder what books Hauptmann checked out from the... more
        • Re: Bring Back the Bookmobile!Joe for Sue, Fri Mar 8 19:13
          I know Hauptmann had read these books while in the Flemington Jail: Floyd Gibbons' "Life of Baron Von Richtofen" and Lowell Thomas's "Lauterbach of the China Seas." It's clear from his German-written ... more
          • Re: Bring Back the Bookmobile!Sue for Joe, Sat Mar 9 12:48
            There are probably many dimensions to Hauptmann that people do not give him credit for. Kate Ancrum Burr Johnson said of Hauptmann: "I was there while Hauptmann was testifying and stood within a few... more
            • Hauptmann's Interestsjdb, Wed Mar 13 02:15
              Thanks for posting. Hauptmann seemed to have eclectic tastes in his reading, and a taste for adventure, of which he had his share, but nothing like Lindbergh's. In his aspirations as a very young man ... more
              • jdbtanialee, Thu Mar 14 00:14
                Hi. It's good to know you are still on here like Bob, Sue and the rest of the gang. It made me happy to read your posting about Hauptmann's because I believe the same things.
                • Hi Back At Ya'jdb, Thu Mar 14 01:08
                  Hi back at ya', Tanialee! I believe you've been around these parts as long as I have (roughly, I'd say, January,2001 for me). It's been a great little community we've had here. There's less action... more
        • Hauptmann's reading in jailRichard Sloan, Thu Mar 7 09:50
          One of the books he (supposedly)read in his Flemington cell was a biography of Abraham Lincoln that was translated into German. I forget the author's name. (Incidentally, how many of you have sat in... more
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