bob mills for richard sloan
two coincidences and a theory
Wed Mar 6, 2019 12:16

Funny you should mention the Titanic, Richard. I've always been intrigued by the story, especially since my father was born at the exact hour that the ship sank, in the very early morning of April 15, 1912.

My only first cousin would never have been born, except for the fact that when his paternal grandparents migrated to New York from France in 1912, their original booking on the Titanic was cancelled at the last minute for business reasons. His grandfather certainly would have gone down with the ship, but survived and came to the U.S. the following week on a different ship. His son was born several years later, and eventually married my mother's sister. True story.

In a class I taught at the local adult-education college on "Unsolved Mysteries," one of the students gave me reading material that suggested (convincingly) that the ship that sank was not the Titanic. According to this theory, the White Star Line "switched" the names of two of their ocean liners, and that the actual Titanic was back in dry dock under a different name when the ship that had been given the Titanic name hit the iceberg and sank. The motive had to do with insurance fraud, as I recall.

  • Art KleinRichard Sloan, Tue Mar 5 17:23
    Leave it to you, Bob, to come up with coincidences. Despite my repeated suggestions, Art Klein never subscribed to this site, the Boothie Barn, or joined the Surratt Society. Once he concluded that... more
    • two coincidences and a theory — bob mills for richard sloan, Wed Mar 6 12:16
      • R.M.S Titanic TheorySue for Bob, Sat Mar 9 12:16
        One theory is that the Titanic was intentionally sunk knowing that many very wealthy personages were on that ship. Macy's owner Isidor Straus, John Jacob Astor, and Benjamin Guggenheim (to name just... more
      • Titanic or OlympicWayne, Thu Mar 7 08:09
        Bob, If it helps, here's one of the books making the claim that the Olympic was switched for the Titanic:... more
        • possible titanic fraudbob mills for wayne, Fri Mar 8 09:23
          Thanks, Wayne. I'll try to do some critical analysis, primarily for the benefit of the gal who first called my attention to this in the "Unsolved Mysteries" class.
          • Wayne for Bob MillsWayne, Fri Mar 8 09:30
            Thanks Bob!
            • it probably was the titanic that sankbob mills for wayne, Sat Mar 9 09:09
              I read it over, Wayne. The number 401 on the Titanic's hull seems to debunk the story. I'll report back once I talk with the gal who called it to my attention a few years ago.
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