bob mills for wayne
possible titanic fraud
Fri Mar 8, 2019 09:23

Thanks, Wayne. I'll try to do some critical analysis, primarily for the benefit of the gal who first called my attention to this in the "Unsolved Mysteries" class.

  • Titanic or OlympicWayne, Thu Mar 7 08:09
    Bob, If it helps, here's one of the books making the claim that the Olympic was switched for the Titanic:... more
    • possible titanic fraud — bob mills for wayne, Fri Mar 8 09:23
      • Wayne for Bob MillsWayne, Fri Mar 8 09:30
        Thanks Bob!
        • it probably was the titanic that sankbob mills for wayne, Sat Mar 9 09:09
          I read it over, Wayne. The number 401 on the Titanic's hull seems to debunk the story. I'll report back once I talk with the gal who called it to my attention a few years ago.
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