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rail 16
Fri Mar 8, 2019 18:34

Richard, as I recall (somebody correct me if I'm mistaken), that attic had been searched 19 times by cops looking for evidence against Hauptmann. Nothing was found. Suddenly, after Hauptmann is arrested, his wife and son exit the apartment, and the cops move in.

Eureka! Suddenly a missing piece of wood! And guess what? It happens to fit the ladder! Wow! An open and shut case, right?

Uh...I don't think so. How did Bornmann find something missing that 19 other searches of the same attic never found missing?

  • WIlentzRichard Sloan, Fri Mar 8 10:01
    I agree that Wilentz was what amts. to being unethical re: Whited and Hochmuth. But I think that placing rail 16, which came from Bruno's attic, at the scene of the crime, is tantamount to placing... more
    • rail 16 — bob mills for richard and forum, Fri Mar 8 18:34
      • atticRichard Sloan, Fri Mar 8 22:42
        I think those cops were only looking for money and anything else they thought mite be evidence. They weren't looking for something that WAS NOT there, only for things that WERE there.
        • Re: atticsteve for rich, Sun Mar 10 12:03
          the whole flooring in the attic looked like rail 16
          • rail 16 in attic floorRichard Sloan, Sun Mar 10 12:55
            I am not sure I understand what you mean by that, Stevo. Can you elaborate?
            • Re: rail 16 in attic floorsteve for rich, Wed Mar 13 10:52
              southern pine boards all through the attic
              • atticRichard Sloan, Wed Mar 13 11:56
                STeve. I found what you wanted and a friend will make a DVD copy of it just for you next week!
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