bob mills for sue
whited and the LKC
Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:53

That photo conforms to my recollection of Whited from 20 years ago or so, Sue. For me, he represents the case perfectly. Incompetent police work exacerbated by strident demands for results from the media, a mendacious district attorney whose key witnesses should never have taken the stand, and potential suspects (Red Johnson, Duane Bacon) who vanished into the ether.

In retrospect, Hauptmann didn't stand a chance.

  • Picture of Millard WhitedSue for Bob, Sun Mar 10 13:47
    Is this picture of Millard Whited for real?! I first thought that he was sticking his tongue out at the camera, but when you zoom in you see that it is a cigar! He was living the high life once he... more
    • whited and the LKC — bob mills for sue, Mon Mar 11 10:53
      • WhitedRichard Sloan, Tue Mar 12 09:10
        I have seen a couple of pics of him walking to or from either the trial or a Grand Jury hearing, wearing a long and expensive looking black coat and what appears to be a silk scarf. He was relishing... more
    • Although...Sue for Bob, Sun Mar 10 13:50
      Although, maybe he ALWAYS smoked cigars?
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