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Re: Nosovitsky handwriting
Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:30

Michael, it's not my intention to do a detailed examination of Nosovitsky's handwriting. I'm not a QDE, although I would say my level of discernment due to the nature of my work might qualify me for at least a beginner's class.. lol. I have copies of a number of his letters to J. Edgar Hoover, but nothing more contemporaneous than the early to mid-1920's. I can say I've never seen anything remotely close to his personal handwriting within the LKC unknown writings at large, other than that specific letter written to Dr. Hudson. Are you satisfied that your own samples of Nosovitsky's handwritings, preclude him from any possibility of having penned that letter given the span of time (approx. 12 years) from the date of his correspondence with Hoover?

  • Nosovitsky handwritingMichael 5260 for Joe, Sat Mar 9 10:16
    Hi Joe. How is your examination of the Nosovitsky handwriting coming along.
    • Re: Nosovitsky handwriting — Joe for Michael 5260, Tue Mar 12 11:30
      • Re: Nosovitsky handwritingMichael 5260 for Joe, Wed Mar 13 10:36
        A couple of things that are noticeable about the Nosovitsky letter and the Hudson letter. Nosovitsky writes at a higher skill level when his letter is compared to the handwriting in the Hudson... more
        • Re: Nosovitsky handwritingJoe for Michael 5260, Tue Mar 19 09:42
          Michael, thanks for all the information but I'd really like to try and stay focused on the comparison between Nosvitsky's writing and the Dr. Hudson letter. Again, given the comparison of known... more
          • Re: Nosovitsky handwritingMichael 5260 for Joe, Tue Mar 19 11:27
            I would rule out Nosovitsky as the writer of the Dr. Hudson letter even though the amount of comparison material(the same words and letter designs) in the Hudson letter to the Nosovitsky letter is... more
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