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Re: Nosovitsky handwriting
Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:36

A couple of things that are noticeable about the Nosovitsky letter and the Hudson letter. Nosovitsky writes at a higher skill level when his letter is compared to the handwriting in the Hudson letter. A person cannot write above their skill level, whatever that level of skill might be, so the dope that wrote the Hudson letter could never produce the quality of the handwriting found in the Nosovitsky letter.

It's true that an individual can purposely write below their normal writing skill level. An example of this is when a person attempts to disguise their normal natural handwriting, but they could never disguise their handwriting by writing at a higher skill level from which they possess. An individual cannot write better from which they normally write.

The content, message, of the Hudson letter is deranged to say the least and the postal stamp is dated December 12. Should a person think it was sent in December 1931, before the kidnapping took place, or in December 1932, after the kidnapping took place and after the body was found? Absolutely ridiculous. The only information it actually provides is how the reader can go on a wild goose chase looking for the Lindbergh baby. The content of this letter reminds me of the "pork chop" ransom note. This is the note where the writer tells the Lindberghs "the baby is being fed pork chops and beans just like we eat." It's fantastic that garbage like this is even taken seriously.

Joe, take a look at the way the word "Brookly" is written in the Hudson letter and compare it to "Brooklyn" written in the second Lindbergh ransom note, third line, word five. In the ransom note there is no connecting stroke from the capital "B" to the small "r" ( there is a pen lift), the two "o's" are open on top, the small "k" with the numeral "3" formation on its right side without the connecting stroke(there is a pen lift) to the small "l",
and the fact that the word is spelled correctly. These characteristics are not found in "Brookly" written in the Hudson letter because we have two different writers.

Here are a few more things to examine:

The Nosovitsky letter.

The Lindbergh ransom notes.

The J.J. Faulkner letter.

The personal pronoun "I" can sometimes be very significant in a handwriting examination. It is surprising how many different ways, different letter designs, and different variations writers will create when they are writing the PPI.

In the Nosovitsky letter there are twelve PPI's. Take paper and pencil and draw each one of them as precisely as you can. You will discover that they are all consistent with each other in their design and method of construction. They all fit the same "master pattern" for the writer's PPI.

In the Lindbergh ransom notes you find three PPI's. Do the same as you did with the Nosovitsky letter. They have the same master pattern.

Finally, do the same thing to the the nine PPI's that are found in the J.J. Faulkner letter. They have the same master pattern.

When you are done you will find there are three different "master patterns" for the PPI's appearing in the three different writings because there are three different writers. No guesswork.

  • Re: Nosovitsky handwritingJoe for Michael 5260, Tue Mar 12 11:30
    Michael, it's not my intention to do a detailed examination of Nosovitsky's handwriting. I'm not a QDE, although I would say my level of discernment due to the nature of my work might qualify me for... more
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        Michael, thanks for all the information but I'd really like to try and stay focused on the comparison between Nosvitsky's writing and the Dr. Hudson letter. Again, given the comparison of known... more
        • Re: Nosovitsky handwritingMichael 5260 for Joe, Tue Mar 19 11:27
          I would rule out Nosovitsky as the writer of the Dr. Hudson letter even though the amount of comparison material(the same words and letter designs) in the Hudson letter to the Nosovitsky letter is... more
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