Thu Mar 14, 2019 00:14

Hi. It's good to know you are still on here like Bob, Sue and the rest of the gang.

It made me happy to read your posting about Hauptmann's because I believe the same things.

  • Hauptmann's Interestsjdb, Wed Mar 13 02:15
    Thanks for posting. Hauptmann seemed to have eclectic tastes in his reading, and a taste for adventure, of which he had his share, but nothing like Lindbergh's. In his aspirations as a very young man ... more
    • jdb — tanialee, Thu Mar 14 00:14
      • Hi Back At Ya'jdb, Thu Mar 14 01:08
        Hi back at ya', Tanialee! I believe you've been around these parts as long as I have (roughly, I'd say, January,2001 for me). It's been a great little community we've had here. There's less action... more
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