Hi Back At Ya'
Thu Mar 14, 2019 01:08

Hi back at ya', Tanialee! I believe you've been around these parts as long as I have (roughly, I'd say, January,2001 for me). It's been a great little community we've had here. There's less action than previously; or maybe less excitement is the better way to put it. A lot of the old urgency (is there a better word for this?) is gone. Maybe it went with Harold Olson and Bob Aldinger. Still, it's always good to come back to revisit the place and, of course, the central issue of what was really going on when CAL, Jr. was kidnapped, then died is still there for all of us to ponder.

Best Wishes (and a belated Happy New Year, to you, and to all),


  • jdbtanialee, Thu Mar 14 00:14
    Hi. It's good to know you are still on here like Bob, Sue and the rest of the gang. It made me happy to read your posting about Hauptmann's because I believe the same things.
    • Hi Back At Ya' — jdb, Thu Mar 14 01:08
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