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Re: Nosovitsky handwriting
Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:27

I would rule out Nosovitsky as the writer of the Dr. Hudson letter even though the amount of comparison material(the same words and letter designs) in the Hudson letter to the Nosovitsky letter is rather sparse.

I think it is safe to assume the Nosovitsky letter is written in Nosovitsky's normal and natural handwriting. There would be no reason at all for him to attempt to disguise his handwriting when he wrote the letter.

I also do not think the Dr. Hudson letter is an example of disguised handwriting. Sloppy? Yes, but I don't see the classical indications of a disguised handwriting.

There are favored methods that a writer will use when they are trying to disguise their normal handwriting. A few of the methods are:

Changing their normal writing slant.

Using a different size and proportion when writing.

Hand printing instead of writing in cursive script.

Using a different kind of writing instrument from what they normally use.

Inventing certain fantastic letter forms that may give a very different superficial appearance to a page of writing.

It is rare that the disguise that is adopted, whatever it might be, is more than superficial. Because the disguise is superficial it is almost certain that some letters, words, or parts, will be written naturally and some foolish, tell-tale thing is sure to be included that points conclusively to the identification of the writer.

Keeping these things in mind during an examination and comparison of the Nosovitsky letter and the Dr. Hudson letter it is evident both letters were not written by the same person.

The Dr. Hudson letter reminds me of a "foundling will". This is where a genuine last will and testament is being probated in court and then suddenly, miraculously, another will is found that contradicts or modifies the content of
the genuine will. The story of how and where the foundling will was discovered is usually a fantastic one.

You are correct about the 1935 date of the Hudson letter. It's 1935 and the writer is saying "the boy is there and in the basement is a big man?" I wonder what exactly was going on in Pelletreau's head when he read this letter.

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    Michael, thanks for all the information but I'd really like to try and stay focused on the comparison between Nosvitsky's writing and the Dr. Hudson letter. Again, given the comparison of known... more
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