steve for sam
burns book
Thu Mar 21, 2019 09:37

sam from the top of your head how much is a autograph copy of Vincent godfrey burns book on the case

  • Re: Up for auctionsteve for sam, Thu Mar 21 09:36
    I have a list of all of hauptmanns friends I guess the police rounded it up
    • burns book — steve for sam, Thu Mar 21 09:37
      • EstimateSam for Steve, Fri Mar 22 10:24
        Good to hear from you, Steve. I hope you are happy and well. That's a very rare title...hard to find. But prices have dropped as LKC collectors have left the market. I'd estimate $75, but you never... more
        • Re: Estimatesteve for sam, Tue Mar 26 09:59
          thank you sam sorry to hear Lindbergh collectors left the market, have a few things to sell. yes burns interrupted the trial
          • Lindy collectorsRichard E Sloan, Wed Mar 27 09:33
            About 20-25 years ago, a note from either Ann or Chls. Lindbergh, authorizing JFC as their go-between, was offered for sale by a high-price autograph dealer. Both of them had signed it. Th dealer... more
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