Sam for Steve
Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:24

Good to hear from you, Steve. I hope you are happy and well.

That's a very rare title...hard to find. But prices have dropped as LKC collectors have left the market. I'd estimate $75, but you never know until you try to sell it.

I've forgotten the whole story but Burns interrupted the trial by standing up and yelling something before he was marched out of the courtroom.

  • burns booksteve for sam, Thu Mar 21 09:37
    sam from the top of your head how much is a autograph copy of Vincent godfrey burns book on the case
    • Estimate — Sam for Steve, Fri Mar 22 10:24
      • Re: Estimatesteve for sam, Tue Mar 26 09:59
        thank you sam sorry to hear Lindbergh collectors left the market, have a few things to sell. yes burns interrupted the trial
        • Lindy collectorsRichard E Sloan, Wed Mar 27 09:33
          About 20-25 years ago, a note from either Ann or Chls. Lindbergh, authorizing JFC as their go-between, was offered for sale by a high-price autograph dealer. Both of them had signed it. Th dealer... more
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