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The Watchung Furniture House/Weiseman/Boliard
Fri Mar 22, 2019 19:50

Just because Elmer Boliard bought that table in 1940 doesn't mean the table was manufactured in 1940.

Albert Weiseman, who was the president of the Watchung Furniture House at 327 West Front Street in Plainfield, New Jersey, may have unknowingly hired a worker who wrote that "confession" underneath the table.

What if that table was assembled at the Watchung Furniture House by one of his employees?

Albert Weiseman lived at 966 Sherman Avenue, and Boliard, according to newspaper accounts, lived at 1112 Sherman Avenue in South Plainfield.

They did not live that far from each other.

Weiseman and Boliard may have resided at these addresses at the same time.

I believe Cooper's Office Furniture still occupies 327 West Front Street in Plainfield, New Jersey, the former location of the Watchung Furniture House.

The sign in the picture I took in 2003 reads: Cooper's New and Used Office Furniture.

Also, the Plainfield and South Plainfield Libraries were excellent places to find local history information in 2003.

Have you ever read any of the Polk City Directories?

I found several addresses in the Polk Business Directories, but more importantly as it pertains to the table brace story, the directory from 1940 was very useful.

In addition, the Polk Directories are great for locating residential addresses.

I like this advertisement for 1944:

WATCHUNG FURNITURE HOUSE: Albert Weiseman Treas. "The Home of Quality Tested Furniture." Electric Refrigeration, Radios, Carpets, Rugs, and Floor Coverings, Upholstering...

(Boliard/Bollard/Boilard are a few ways that Elmer's last name was spelled.)

  • Re: Trip to Celina, Ohio -- August 2003Joe for Sue, Tue Mar 19 09:27
    Just saw all of your photos Sue. Thanks for posting them and I remember when you made your trip there. There's no shortage of controversy around this Mersman table brace but I think it's nothing more ... more
    • The Watchung Furniture House/Weiseman/Boliard — Sue for Joe, Fri Mar 22 19:50
      • Re: The Watchung Furniture House/Weiseman/BoliardJoe for Sue, Sun Mar 24 08:37
        Sue, if Elmer Bolliard bought the table from the Watchung Furniture House in South Plainfield NJ, around 1940, I suppose it could have been sitting around for a couple of years at that location or... more
        • Shipping the TablesSue for Joe, Mon Mar 25 18:21
          The Watchung Furniture House was in Plainfield, New Jersey. Weiseman and Boliard lived in South Plainfield, New Jersey. This table brace mystery should be able to be solved. It's not rocket science.... more
      • the tableRichard E Sloan, Sat Mar 23 09:43
        All of this table business only proves one thing for sure -- Sue Campbell is an extraordinary researcher!
        • Re: the tableSue for Richard, Sun Mar 24 15:34
          So sweet of you to say that!
        • Re: the tableJoe for Richard and Sue, Sun Mar 24 08:01
          Absolutely agreed!
          • Perhaps Your Table Can Be Dated?Sue, Sun Mar 24 16:11
            Thanks, Joe! Too bad, Joe, that no one asked the people at Mersman Tables in Celina, Ohio to date the table! In 1980, all anyone had to do was send a picture of the table brace and pedestal, and the... more
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