Perhaps Your Table Can Be Dated?
Sun Mar 24, 2019 16:11

Thanks, Joe!

Too bad, Joe, that no one asked the people at Mersman Tables in Celina, Ohio to date the table!

In 1980, all anyone had to do was send a picture of the table brace and pedestal, and the Mersman people probably would have dated the table for nothing!

What happened to the base of that table?

See The Antiques Journal for 1980, Volume 35, Babka Publishing Company.

Page 66 reads:

Mersman Tables, a division of the Somers Corporation, is still in business in Celina, Ohio. This firm was established by J. B. Mersman in 1876 at Ottoville, Ohio, and moved to Celina in 1900. Current address is Mersman Tables, Somers Corp., Box 200, Celina, Ohio 45822.

Perhaps your table can be dated by sending the firm photos of the pieces and copies of the labels. (See photo)

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    Absolutely agreed!
    • Perhaps Your Table Can Be Dated? — Sue, Sun Mar 24 16:11
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