Richard E Sloan
Lindy collectors
Wed Mar 27, 2019 09:33

About 20-25 years ago, a note from either Ann or Chls. Lindbergh, authorizing JFC as their go-between, was offered for sale by a high-price autograph dealer. Both of them had signed it. Th dealer illustrated it in a couple of his catalogs. I wonder who bought it and for how much. The thought occured to me that maybe one of JFC's heirs HAD owned it and sold it to the dealer. Reeve once wrote to me that she never owned it. Does anyone know what happ'd to it?
I also wonder what became of a scrapbook JFC kept. I knew that a JFC heir once hd it in the 1980's, but he moved to New England and vanished, but not before making me a weak xerox of one of its insignificant pages.

  • Re: Estimatesteve for sam, Tue Mar 26 09:59
    thank you sam sorry to hear Lindbergh collectors left the market, have a few things to sell. yes burns interrupted the trial
    • Lindy collectors — Richard E Sloan, Wed Mar 27 09:33
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