Michael 5260
Lindbergh the penman.
Fri Apr 5, 2019 10:35

According to A&M's hypothesis Charles Lindbergh accidentally killed his son during a playful kidnapping practical joke.

After dumping the body in the woods on the side of the road Lindbergh returned home and went into his library where with his papers and pens and fabricated the nursery note.

In May of 1932 handwriting examinations disclosed that all of the Lindbergh ransom notes and envelopes were written by one writer. This was a unanimous finding among all the handwriting examiners in 1932. Even the gumshoe Jesse W. Pelletreau, working for the defense, made the same determination. There was only one writer.

How in the world did Lindbergh write the other fourteen ransom notes, envelopes, sleeping suit wrapper address, and mail them all to himself? How was Lindbergh able to place two directional notes underneath rocks near Woodlawn and St. Raymond's cemeteries? This certainly takes the art of prestidigitation into its outer limits.

The physical evidence does not support A&M's thesis.

As Lt. Joe Kenda would say, "My, my, my".

    • Lindy wrote all dem notes???!!!***Richard E Sloan, Sat Apr 6 10:06
      While I agree with Micheal 5260 that it was impossible for CAL to have written all the ransom notes, I take issue with the basis for his conclusion -- that the handwriting experts agreed that all the ... more
      • booth's diarybob mills for richard sloan, Sun Apr 7 07:55
        While he was on the run after shooting Lincoln, Booth wrote in his diary, "I have a mind to return to Washington, and in a measure clear my name, which I feel I can do." Clear his name? He was Public ... more
        • tonight at 10 pmRichard E Sloan, Sun Apr 7 19:40
          The Travel CHannel is airing an entirely new episode relating to the CAL kidnap case. 10 pm. It's not one of their "Mysteries of the Museum."
          • more on Travel channel show last nightRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 8 13:32
            Steve tells me it's already on youtube. Speaking for just myself, I liked it. Much better done than the prev. show they ran, on which I appeared briefly. MArk Falzini was featured on this one, and he ... more
        • Booth diary and Lincoln funeral trainRichard E Sloan, Sun Apr 7 09:53
          Bob -- I'd like to continue that dialogue about the Lincoln case and Booth's diary elsewhere -- either by email or through the online Lincoln Discussion Symposium. What do you say? For about 15... more
          • lincoln's funeral carbob mills for richard sloan, Sun Apr 7 15:03
            Sounds like great fun, Richard. I don't travel any more, but I'm available on-line.
      • Re: Lindy wrote all dem notes???!!!***Michael 5260 for Richard, Sat Apr 6 12:59
        Rich, I don't know what Albert D. Osborn exactly said to the police about the handwriting. I do know that he should have not said anything at all until the handwriting examination was completed. He... more
        • dem notesRichard E Sloan, Sat Apr 6 23:17
          No, I am not familiar with the Bush memo case. And the way in which you wrote a line or two makes me think you are a handwriting "expert." Are you, or was that all conjecture?,
          • Re: dem notesMichael 5260 for Richard, Sun Apr 7 13:03
            Rich, didn't we meet years ago at Highfields? I had an enlarged photograph, 15"X34", of Hauptmann's handwritten autobiography that he wrote for James Fawcett. I put it on the ground and you took a... more
            • dem notesRichard E Sloan, Sun Apr 7 19:38
              I didnt know "Michael" is Mike Melsky til now! Of cs. I remember meeting you on that unique afternoon, and seeing the pic of Bruno's writing. I'm no leprechaun, but I couldn't climb beyond the first... more
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