Richard E Sloan
Booth diary and Lincoln funeral train
Sun Apr 7, 2019 09:53

Bob -- I'd like to continue that dialogue about the Lincoln case and Booth's diary elsewhere -- either by email or through the online Lincoln Discussion Symposium. What do you say?
For about 15 mins., I am going to be aboard the replica Lincoln funeral car on April 23rd, at the car's new owner's estate (the Stone Gables Estate) in Elizabethtown, PA. Then I'll be sitting in the next car -- a restored 1860 passenger car. A newly created contemporary locomotive, decked out with Lincoln's picture and Amer. flags, will take me (and 39 other passengers) on a 1/2 mile ride in the Lincoln funeral train. (There will be perh. 5 more trips that afternoon.) It should be an interesting and unique experience for Lincoln admirers, not to mention a great photo op! One of our fellow Lindy kidnap buffs will be joining me. (It's not proper for me to give the name. You know how things are today; that person may not want the world to know there'll be nobody home that day! We are really looking forward to the event.
(For info, look up

  • booth's diarybob mills for richard sloan, Sun Apr 7 07:55
    While he was on the run after shooting Lincoln, Booth wrote in his diary, "I have a mind to return to Washington, and in a measure clear my name, which I feel I can do." Clear his name? He was Public ... more
    • tonight at 10 pmRichard E Sloan, Sun Apr 7 19:40
      The Travel CHannel is airing an entirely new episode relating to the CAL kidnap case. 10 pm. It's not one of their "Mysteries of the Museum."
      • more on Travel channel show last nightRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 8 13:32
        Steve tells me it's already on youtube. Speaking for just myself, I liked it. Much better done than the prev. show they ran, on which I appeared briefly. MArk Falzini was featured on this one, and he ... more
    • Booth diary and Lincoln funeral train — Richard E Sloan, Sun Apr 7 09:53
      • lincoln's funeral carbob mills for richard sloan, Sun Apr 7 15:03
        Sounds like great fun, Richard. I don't travel any more, but I'm available on-line.
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