Richard E Sloan
tonight at 10 pm
Sun Apr 7, 2019 19:40

The Travel CHannel is airing an entirely new episode relating to the CAL kidnap case. 10 pm. It's not one of their "Mysteries of the Museum."

  • booth's diarybob mills for richard sloan, Sun Apr 7 07:55
    While he was on the run after shooting Lincoln, Booth wrote in his diary, "I have a mind to return to Washington, and in a measure clear my name, which I feel I can do." Clear his name? He was Public ... more
    • tonight at 10 pm — Richard E Sloan, Sun Apr 7 19:40
      • more on Travel channel show last nightRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 8 13:32
        Steve tells me it's already on youtube. Speaking for just myself, I liked it. Much better done than the prev. show they ran, on which I appeared briefly. MArk Falzini was featured on this one, and he ... more
    • Booth diary and Lincoln funeral trainRichard E Sloan, Sun Apr 7 09:53
      Bob -- I'd like to continue that dialogue about the Lincoln case and Booth's diary elsewhere -- either by email or through the online Lincoln Discussion Symposium. What do you say? For about 15... more
      • lincoln's funeral carbob mills for richard sloan, Sun Apr 7 15:03
        Sounds like great fun, Richard. I don't travel any more, but I'm available on-line.
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