Re: Lt. Joe Kenda
Mon Apr 8, 2019 09:17

Michael, you're incorrect when you state I don't want anyone to consider Lindbergh's involvement in the LKC. I did exactly that many years ago, and I've seen absolutely nothing of a conclusive nature since that time, including all of your forum and published research to even suggest his involvement, so perhaps your perception has become a bit biased. Have you yet discovered a connection between Lindbergh and Hauptmann?

And I stand by my comments, tongue in cheek as they clearly were, when I lament the sorry state of nationally-televised investigative reporting for this case. Scaduto's treatment of this case in the 70's, helped to resurrect the yellow journalism approach and it's apparently still alive and healthy today. If last evening's "Mission Declassified" Nazi-connection debacle was any indication, it won't be long before this case has become the latest Elvis Sighting in the True Crime category.

  • Re: Lt. Joe KendaMichael, Thu Apr 4 13:52
    I haven't seen any televised specials lately. Most are only an hour long so from my perspective that can't even scratch the surface. So you, me, and everyone else who study the case will all want to... more
    • Re: Lt. Joe Kenda — Joe, Mon Apr 8 09:17
      • Re: Lt. Joe KendaMichael, Mon Apr 8 12:14
        You may have Joe but perhaps others have not. And if not wouldn't it be a good idea for them to study every angle in order to do as you did? You see, they might conclude something different. Or they... more
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