Re: Sabatoge in 1941 at Mersman's in Celina, Ohio
Mon Apr 8, 2019 09:39

Or perhaps someone making trouble for the owner of the Watchung Furniture House, Albert Weismann, whom I believe you mentioned was Jewish.

If this table was shipped from Celina, Ohio to the Watchung Furniture House in Plainfield, New Jersey, would it not have been shipped in a box partially assembled? This would mean table top was not yet attached to the pedestal base. In order to assemble the table, someone would have had to have seen the topside of the table brace (where the German writing appeared) prior to it having been screwed to the underside of the table. This would then seem to clear anyone at the Celina Ohio manufacturing plant and instead cast suspicion on whoever attached the table top at the Watchung store around 1940, or Elmer Bolliard, who disassembled it in 1948.

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