Joe for Steve
Re: Mission Declassified
Mon Apr 8, 2019 11:55

Albert Weismann, the owner of the Watchung Furniture Store, claimed the table was sold to Elmer Bolliard in or around 1940. Even if that becomes established fact, don't count out the possibility table brace supporters will claim it could have been manufactured at least 8 years previous..

Can you believe that this Christof Putzel guy actually fingers Carl Geissler as the latest accomplice to Hauptmann? Carl Geissler! With "handwriting expert" evidence too linking him with the JJ Faulkner letter and the table brace writing? Unbelievable.

  • Re: Mission Declassifiedsteve for joe, Mon Apr 8 10:48
    another terrible segment. will somebody please date this stupid table so we know if its in the time frame of the crime, instead of paying a handwriting expert get a furniture expert that knows these... more
    • Re: Mission Declassified — Joe for Steve, Mon Apr 8 11:55
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