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Mon Apr 8, 2019 12:14

You may have Joe but perhaps others have not. And if not wouldn't it be a good idea for them to study every angle in order to do as you did? You see, they might conclude something different. Or they might agree. But any attempt to dissuade others before that occurs is my biggest complaint.

I am all about research. I want to see more people doing it and less listening to people who pretend to know better. If someone says "I" do poor research one would expect them to visit the Archives and look up my sources. But no. They merely state it as a matter of fact. But if I say they do poor research its because I've done it and can actually prove my position with documentation.

So my goal is to get people to research more - not shut them down.

This table brace is a perfect example. You don't know how long I wanted people to see that demonstration. So now, no matter what you believe or do not believe - you can say that you did before making any comment about it. I've seen people make those comments when they NEVER saw it themselves. To me that's a little nutty. So either way it was a good thing to see.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction Joe. If I hadn't read The Wave of the Future myself I wouldn't have believed Anne wrote it. And yet she did. But while I don't believe Hauptmann was a "Nazi" I do think that show was useful. For example, years ago I had the privilege of sitting down with a real Nazi Hunter and USDOJ Nazi Crimes Prosecutor among a group of Lindbergh Researchers. Should I have told them I wasn't interested or blasted their interest from that angle? Of course not. They were interested in several things I had and I learned from them once considering their perspective. There was no proof of anything but it was all about potential and information which we ALL benefited from.

Now considering this show last night - to some who think Giessler had nothing to do with it they might now be woken up to what I've been saying about the pseudo-science others here seem to rely on. No offense to Script but I think this episode highlights it. Others may disagree and now think Giessler WAS involved. Maybe even Script? So the differences or even the similarities contribute to yielding more information to consider.

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    Michael, you're incorrect when you state I don't want anyone to consider Lindbergh's involvement in the LKC. I did exactly that many years ago, and I've seen absolutely nothing of a conclusive nature ... more
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