Richard E Sloan
more on Travel channel show last night
Mon Apr 8, 2019 13:32

Steve tells me it's already on youtube. Speaking for just myself, I liked it. Much better done than the prev. show they ran, on which I appeared briefly. MArk Falzini was featured on this one, and he was terrific. As I suspected, the show turned out -- about halfway through the hunt for an accomplice --to feature the table. Some of it was contrived, but that is always necc. in order to get the script moving along. I'd like to know what the rest of you thought of it -- especially Sue, who recently started doing some research on the table's manufacturer.

  • tonight at 10 pmRichard E Sloan, Sun Apr 7 19:40
    The Travel CHannel is airing an entirely new episode relating to the CAL kidnap case. 10 pm. It's not one of their "Mysteries of the Museum."
    • more on Travel channel show last night — Richard E Sloan, Mon Apr 8 13:32
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