Michael 5260 for Joe
Deciphering the Mersman Table
Tue Apr 9, 2019 09:42

Joe, take a very close look at the photographs of the handwritten confession.

Notice the circular stain in the middle of the board and the stain going down the edge of the board. They appear to be caused by old varnish.

There are portions of the handwriting that extend beyond the stains. When the center pedestal is in place and the wooden edge piece (strip) is in place they cover up the handwriting. There are parts of the handwriting that are underneath the two structures when they are attached.

Conclusion. This table was obviously apart when the confession was written. The pedestal was not attached to the table and neither was the wood strip running down the side. It is the only logical deduction based on the observable evidence.

What do you think?

    • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael 5260, Tue Apr 9 13:33
      Michael, I think it's a safe assumption the "confession" was written on the topside of the table brace before the table top, with it's receiving strips of wood, was attached to it. Here are some... more
      • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael 5260 for Joe, Tue Apr 9 15:31
        Good observations Joe. This brings us to the time of writing. The theory is that this particular Mersman table, to the exclusion of all other Mersman tables, is the one used as a device to punch the... more
        • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michel 5260, Wed Apr 10 08:08
          Good points and very true Michael, the "confession" would have had to have been written after Hauptmann's arrest. Of course this doesn't preclude the possibility that the writing was added years... more
          • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael 5260 for Joe, Wed Apr 10 10:52
            We have to imagine Hauptmann or an accomplice being in a room in 1932 and looking across the room and seeing this Mersman table. Automatically it is known that there are useable holes in the bottom... more
            • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableAnonymous, Wed Apr 10 14:03
              Michael 5260 and Joe have pretty much established how ridiculous this theory on the Mersman table brace confession and hole template is. I would only add (and if this has been previously stated I... more
              • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael, Wed Apr 10 14:53
                Joe - My point was a visit to the Museum was necessary before this show. Without seeing the holes lining up its not as impactful and one has to rely on others for their description of what they saw.... more
                • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Thu Apr 11 13:26
                  Michael, I understand that the holes actually line up although I'd expect there to be a bit of an accuracy factor here, considering the holes in the table brace are larger than those in the ransom... more
                  • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael For Joe, Fri Apr 12 10:12
                    I'd say you would have needed to see it Joe but now that the show has aired its less of a necessity. Yes the holes in the table are "bigger." I've seen the demonstration twice and the holes in the... more
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