Re: Deciphering the Mersman Table
Wed Apr 10, 2019 14:53

Joe - My point was a visit to the Museum was necessary before this show. Without seeing the holes lining up its not as impactful and one has to rely on others for their description of what they saw. I just have a hard time with people evaluating evidence without ever looking at it themselves. I couldn't do that and can't see how anyone serious about the case could either. Not a knock or slight I just do not see how it can be done.

Anon - although I do not know whether its a true co-conspirator, someone with inside knowledge (perhaps a spouse, friend, or even LE etc.), or a complete hoax ... I find the fact that these holes were not mentioned as something more supportive of it being authentic than not.

I see this as a "message in a bottle" type of confession. The mere fact it was written "where" it was is what has led me to this. I'd say no matter IF its a real confession or not, the irresistible conclusion for me is this writer obviously knew the holes lined up. The idea that it was a complete accident would be just another lightening strike in a case full of a million to one odds at just about every turn. Sooner or later even those Lone-Wolf believers are going to have to abandon that excuse.

We do not have an investigation to rely on and just newspaper reports. In the absence of anything else its something but I just don't know how much weight they carry. I've had enough experiences with them to know they make a lot of mistakes or sometimes add things to attract readers - especially back in the 30s & 40s.

Now a lack of a police report is NOT evidence of anything. We need an investigation in order to draw a reasonable conclusion. That's where the date of the table would have solved everything. But instead no one at the NJSP wanted to entertain something appearing to contract the State's theory. And so it took the Archivist, Mark Falzini, to do a little investigating himself to find the holes lined up. Had the NJSP done that they may have actually done a little more and we'd have our answers.

I know I'm jumping in this conversation a little late, but I know that Sue visited the factory and she knows all about how the tables were manufactured, assembled, and delivered. Without some of the information she once shared with me about her visit I wouldn't be in a position to know either. But I think it all boils down to the date on the table whether or not it was the "actual" template. One thing I can say for sure, if this was found in Hauptmann's apartment by police after his arrest this thing would have been a State's exhibit for sure. They were looking for something exactly like it but couldn't find anything - and not just in Hauptmann's apartment.

Anyway that's my two cents. There's a lot of variables to consider but without a date we're just spinning our wheels in the mud. It could be "easier" just to disregard it.

  • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableAnonymous, Wed Apr 10 14:03
    Michael 5260 and Joe have pretty much established how ridiculous this theory on the Mersman table brace confession and hole template is. I would only add (and if this has been previously stated I... more
    • Re: Deciphering the Mersman Table — Michael, Wed Apr 10 14:53
      • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Thu Apr 11 13:26
        Michael, I understand that the holes actually line up although I'd expect there to be a bit of an accuracy factor here, considering the holes in the table brace are larger than those in the ransom... more
        • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael For Joe, Fri Apr 12 10:12
          I'd say you would have needed to see it Joe but now that the show has aired its less of a necessity. Yes the holes in the table are "bigger." I've seen the demonstration twice and the holes in the... more
          • dem holesRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 15 10:01
            At first I was thinking that it doesn't matter that the table holes are bigger than those in the ransom notes. It was just a template. Cut nails, which I think we all tend to agree were used to punch ... more
            • one mo thing about dem holesRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 15 10:03
              Anther method, using a simpler template than the table, would be to simply make a dot with a sharp pencil where "dead center" was, and then insert the nail as I described.
              • Falzini's blogRichard E Sloan, Mon Apr 15 10:25
                Mark's blog, "Archival Ramblings," for Sept.9, 2008, has the best description of the ransom notes. Pages 4, 5,6,7, and 8 deal specifically with the holes.
          • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Sun Apr 14 11:10
            Michael, I do understand the physics, optics and the alignment entirely and have from the beginning. But again, this is not something I would travel 500 miles for, so it will have to wait until I'm... more
            • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael For Joe, Sun Apr 14 11:43
              I understand about the distance Joe. I am not criticizing anyone for not being able to see it I am just saying that it should probably be done before completely writing it off. But if you saw the... more
              • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Sun Apr 14 16:19
                I understand and respect your opinions Michael, but I would heartily question your claim that you "don't know anyone that has ever seen it demonstrated who said it could NOT be the template." No one... more
                • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael For Joe, Mon Apr 15 09:07
                  I don't know any Joe. Of course there could be someone who has been to the Archives to examine this piece who I don't know about. I am not saying I know about everyone, but I believe the number of... more
                  • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableJoe for Michael, Mon Apr 15 13:06
                    Michael, reading your reply, all I can say is you've somehow managed to wrap this enigma into much more of a riddle than it needs to be in. Of course, I'm sure you feel the same way about my... more
                    • Re: Deciphering the Mersman TableMichael For Joe, Tue Apr 16 10:29
                      No truce necessary. It's just a difference of perspective Joe. I don't feel any type of way about yours because I am uncertain. As I've said above - you could be right. My only opposition is that I... more
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