Michael For Michael 5260 (a.k.a. Script)
Re: The Holes
Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:58

Criminals are notoriously lazy? Sorry but I have to disagree with this. Regardless, I cannot see how the word "lazy" would apply to Hauptmann and/or anyone connected to this crime. I think you are creating a narrative in order to support a position. Is writing wordy notes in disguise something easy? How about writing in disguise over a course of time and remembering that disguise in ALL of those notes? Just the amount of notes neutralizes any thought someone was being "lazy" and I haven't even gotten started.

My other question is do you believe that Giessler wrote the confession? Am I mistaken or was that a QDE on the show?

Finally, the error I think you are making is that IF it were YOU making these holes - "this" is how you'd do it. Good idea to think about and consider ... but I don't think you should assign it the full weight in which you have.

  • The HolesMichael 5260 for Joe, Fri Apr 12 12:55
    Hi Joe. You are correct about the holes in the Mersman table being larger than the holes in the ransom notes. What does this say about a person trying to achieve a high level of precision ( why I... more
    • cut nailsAnonymous, Thu Apr 25 18:32
      the ladder did not use cut nails. Pittsburgh common nails with a head and point, just like the keg at BRH's place.
    • Re: The HolesJoe for Michael 5260, Sun Apr 14 18:32
      Michael, during an experiment I undertook in 2006, I evaluated a number of "tools" which might have been used to punch the ransom note holes. One of these was the point of a 1930's vintage square, or ... more
    • Re: The Holes — Michael For Michael 5260 (a.k.a. Script), Sat Apr 13 12:58
    • the table holesRichard E Sloan, Sat Apr 13 10:13
      Michael brings up a good point, which leads to another question: -- the writer of the ransom notes would have had to take off the table top every time he would punch the holes. That doesn't seem... more
      • Re: the table holesMichael 5260 for Richard, Sun Apr 14 11:24
        Rich, take a look at the photographs of the handwritten confession underneath the Mersman Table. Notice the circular stain line in the center of the table where the pedestal of the table would be... more
      • According to Ludovic Kennedy in The Airman and the Carpenter, when describing Highfields he says: "Visiting the place today one is struck by how small-scale everything is." (See page 50) Things,... more
      • Re: the table holesMichael For Richard, Sat Apr 13 13:20
        The "key" to the secret symbol are those holes. The idea that anyone would come up with an identifier like this shows me they thought this out. I look at the wall safe Hauptmann made in his garage to ... more
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