Michael For Richard
Re: the table holes
Sat Apr 13, 2019 13:20

The "key" to the secret symbol are those holes. The idea that anyone would come up with an identifier like this shows me they thought this out. I look at the wall safe Hauptmann made in his garage to hide the money and think to myself that something like this table piece "fits" a method of concealment I would expect. Of course that doesn't mean its "real" but I cannot dismiss the possibility.

This idea of practicalities seems like something to consider but if here then everywhere. And in doing so that doesn't "work" does it?

Something that occurred with these notes is that the First & Second notes were punched independently. But then something strange happens... The next three with symbols were ALL punched together. So if they took apart a table twice, it seems they decided it might be in their best interest to punch several so as to make it unnecessary to take it apart again.

Lastly, and I wrote about this in my book, remember that Condon at some point explained that the last note did not have the symbol because the "leader" took whatever was used to make it - away. He saw a problem that it lacked the symbol then invented a reason for its absence. It was no accident that police believed there was such a device and that Condon used that knowledge against them. Regardless, if creating these holes was so easy it would have been there on that last note.

Anyway, it looks like we may never know. My only goal is to suggest that shrugging it off is probably not a good approach. Perhaps one day we'll find more and for me I would welcome whatever that is. I'm not pulling for it one way or the other, and like you, I just want to know.

It gets maddening considering all of the possibilities doesn't it?

  • the table holesRichard E Sloan, Sat Apr 13 10:13
    Michael brings up a good point, which leads to another question: -- the writer of the ransom notes would have had to take off the table top every time he would punch the holes. That doesn't seem... more
    • Re: the table holesMichael 5260 for Richard, Sun Apr 14 11:24
      Rich, take a look at the photographs of the handwritten confession underneath the Mersman Table. Notice the circular stain line in the center of the table where the pedestal of the table would be... more
    • Re: the table holes — Michael For Richard, Sat Apr 13 13:20
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