Actual Size/Table Block Writer a Psychiatric Patient?
Sat Apr 13, 2019 16:41

According to Ludovic Kennedy in The Airman and the Carpenter, when describing Highfields he says:

"Visiting the place today one is struck by how small-scale everything is." (See page 50)

Things, objects, many times aren't true to size in books, magazines, pictures on the Internet,...

As a selling poing, sometimes cereal companies will show the consumer what the "actual size" of one piece of cereal is on the outside of the box because many times the cereral pieces are much smaller than the picture on the box.

In a similar vein, I think people need to visually see the actual size of the ransom paper, and to understand that the symbol isn't really THAT big.

And that perhaps a handy household item may have been used to create the symbol on the notes.


Also, back in 2013 I posted on the other board about a place in Cecil County, Maryland on the grounds of a psychiatric hospital where there are strange tree carvings, and one tree has to do with the Lindbergh kidnapping.

That tree in Perryville, Maryland reads:

“Baby Lindbergh was murdered by Wheedle who is a C&P Telephone man, not a Baltimore rumor, a Newark story.”

See the picture (and story) in the link below.

So, you see, people like to write on things. There's no getting around that fact. They can't leave things alone. For many people, their body is a canvas for tattoos, an advertisement for the world.

I wonder if the person who wrote the German confession on the table brace was a psychiatric patient?

  • the table holesRichard E Sloan, Sat Apr 13 10:13
    Michael brings up a good point, which leads to another question: -- the writer of the ransom notes would have had to take off the table top every time he would punch the holes. That doesn't seem... more
    • Re: the table holesMichael 5260 for Richard, Sun Apr 14 11:24
      Rich, take a look at the photographs of the handwritten confession underneath the Mersman Table. Notice the circular stain line in the center of the table where the pedestal of the table would be... more
    • Actual Size/Table Block Writer a Psychiatric Patient? — Sue, Sat Apr 13 16:41
    • Re: the table holesMichael For Richard, Sat Apr 13 13:20
      The "key" to the secret symbol are those holes. The idea that anyone would come up with an identifier like this shows me they thought this out. I look at the wall safe Hauptmann made in his garage to ... more
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