Michael 5260 for Richard
Re: the table holes
Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:24

Rich, take a look at the photographs of the handwritten confession underneath the Mersman Table.

Notice the circular stain line in the center of the table where the pedestal of the table would be attached. Also look at the vertical stain line going down the right-hand edge of the table. In both of these areas you can see that portions the handwriting are underneath the pedestal when it is attached and also underneath the wood strip when it is attached. This is irrefutable evidence that the table pedestal and the wood strip going down the right-hand side of the table were off of the table at the time the confession was written. How could the handwriting be underneath the two table structures if the table was fully assembled at the time the confession was written? I can just imagine the excuse for this empirical observation. This finding is problem #1 and it ain't guesswork. By the way, the wood strip on the right-hand side of the table does not have to be removed to gain access to the holes in the table, yet it was removed at the time of writing. Is this another riddle?

There are other problems with this table:

Confession message content- The message tells the reader absolutely nothing because it confesses to nothing. There is no declaration, or acknowledgment of one's sins or crime.

This German chanty, ditty, ode, song, whatever we might want to call it provides no revealing information that only a kidnapper or accomplice would or could possibly know. Something that the authorities would not even know. Unless a person wants set out for Summit, NJ with picks and shovels to dig up Lindbergh ransom money. Good luck with that treasure hunt. The message doesn't even tell the reader where to start digging. Problem #2.

Time of writing- Since the message could not have been written in 1932 because Hauptmann was not arrested until September 1934, it leaves us with a writing time frame of between 1934 and 1948. Problem #3.

Elmer's discovery story- Elmer's yarn is a fanciful one. Especially since he told the police and news reporters that he bought the table new in 1940, the furniture store manager said it was sold new in 1940, and the store records show the table was sold new in 1940. Problem #4.

When the problems with this table are taken in combination with one another accepting the authenticity of this table should be taken with a grain of salt. Make that a 5 pound bag of salt.

  • the table holesRichard E Sloan, Sat Apr 13 10:13
    Michael brings up a good point, which leads to another question: -- the writer of the ransom notes would have had to take off the table top every time he would punch the holes. That doesn't seem... more
    • Re: the table holes — Michael 5260 for Richard, Sun Apr 14 11:24
    • Re: the table holesMichael For Richard, Sat Apr 13 13:20
      The "key" to the secret symbol are those holes. The idea that anyone would come up with an identifier like this shows me they thought this out. I look at the wall safe Hauptmann made in his garage to ... more
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