Elmer Boliard: A Cruel Man and Bad Blood on Sherman Avenue?
Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:58

Pardon me.

Why wasn't Elmer Boliard fully investigated when he brought the table with the German confession to the New Jersey police?

Elmer Boliard's first wife, Daisy (nee Cowley), went out to Reno, Nevada to gain a quickie divorce from Elmer in 1930.

She also, at that time, got custody of their 11-month-old son, Elmer Boliard, Jr.

Daisy obtained the divorce on the grounds of cruelty.

I'm trying to piece this together, but some time after 1930, Elmer was married to a woman named Margaret Hilditch.

Did Daisy and Elmer Junior return to the house at 1042 Sherman Avenue, South Plainfield after that 3 month period in Nevada to get the divorce?

Apparently, Elmer moved from 1042 Sherman Avenue in 1930 to 1112 Sherman Avenue in South Plainfield where he "found" the confession in 1948.

If so, was there bad blood on Sherman Avenue in South Plainfield over the years?

Quite possibly, could there have been a lot of tension between Elmer and Margaret and Daisy on Sherman Avenue?

Did Elmer moved just houses away from Daisy and Elmer Jr. just to be closer to his son?

Could Elmer and Daisy and Margaret hold the answer to the Merman table mystery?

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