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Re: Saying something while saying nothing.
Fri Apr 19, 2019 13:06

Even though John Mark Karr was a lunatic, a competent examiner does not want to point an accusatory finger at an innocent person. It's always better to do nothing than to do something wrong.

I watched the Ramsey case unfold from the very beginning and when the Karr identification was made I thought, What!

Right at the start the standards of comparison, Karr's handwritings from a high school yearbook, were of the wrong kind and the wrong date. A person's handwriting at 17 or 18 years of age can change quite a bit as they mature into adulthood. In high school a person's handwriting is not developed yet and it can have a lot of variability to it. After an individual gets out into the world and begins to use their handwriting for everyday purposes it will become fixed to a certain extent. Using yearbook handwritings as standards of comparison to be compared to the Ramsey ransom notes was a blunder. Obviously, it resulted in an incorrect identification.

If a handwriting examiner does not know what "class handwriting characteristics" are and what "individual handwriting characteristics are they are in big trouble. They also need an understanding of disguised handwriting, natural variation, and normal handwriting.

Another key point is the ability to correctly interpret similarities and differences. In any two writings in the same language there are bound to be similarities and differences, therefore they each have to be studied carefully in order to arrive at an identification or an elimination of a suspect writer. The process is not an easy one.

Very true Joe. In any field there are the good, bad, and in-between. In the QDE field you also have the stupid and the charlatans.

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    I take it you don't think much of his abilities. Seems like he's a bit of an entrepreneur as well. In any field there are the good, bad and in-between.
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        You left out an important caveat. They are all to be judged on a slide-rule. That is if they agree with you then they're good, but if they disagree - bad. However, they can always slide back and... more
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