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Re: handwriting "experts"
Thu Apr 25, 2019 09:36

The Nursery Note and the March 4 ransom note were written by the same hand. Both notes are from one sheet of stationery that was torn in half.

When Peter Baier, Gideon Epstein, and Grant Sperry examined the Lindbergh ransom notes and Hauptmann's handwriting in 2004 Grant Sperry used "Write-On" during his handwriting examination.

Write-On is a computer software program developed to aid Forensic Document Examiners to locate, sort and facilitate full comparisons of the various handwriting features and characteristics depicted within known and questioned handwriting.

Write-On was not designed as a replacement for a Forensic Document Examiner's expertise. It's used to assist an examiner in their handwriting examination.

Just as a refresher here are the three document examiners conclusions:

Peter Baier- "Hence, it can be assumed that Bruno Richard Hauptmann wrote probably the ransom notes".

Gideon Epstein- "It was found that there was overwhelming evidence that the notes were written by one person and that that person was Richard Bruno Hauptmann".

Grant Sperry- "It is highly probable that Bruno Richard Hauptmann wrote the questioned handwritten entries depicted within Exhibits Q-1 through Q-15".

All three examiners were unanimous in their conclusions that Hauptmann was the writer of the Lindbergh ransom notes. Not one of them rendered an opinion of NO CONCLUSION.

A NO CONCLUSION opinion can be defined as:

"Totally inconclusive, unable to make a determination. The zero point, a neutral position. It is not possible to identify the writer or eliminate the suspect. It is not possible to reach a conclusion based upon the materials submitted for examination".

If someone insists that Hauptmann did not write the Lindbergh ransom notes it is the equivalent to beating a dead Clydesdale and demanding that it get on its feet and pull a wagon.

  • handwriting "experts"Richard E Sloan, Wed Apr 24 09:34
    You hit the nail on the head -- back then it was "educated 'guess work.' "! Handwriting experts, for a fee, would prove for their clients what they wanted them to prove. At Highfields you showed me a ... more
    • Re: handwriting "experts" — Michael 5260 for Richard, Thu Apr 25 09:36
      • Re: handwriting "experts"Michael For Richard, Fri Apr 26 10:34
        Okay so let's take a look at this. It's more of a rebuttal to what Script wrote above to outline his flawed position. First thing's first. He is citing the above Experts for a reason. What is that... more
      • doze notesRichard E Sloan, Thu Apr 25 10:34
        thanx for that report. very, very interesting!
    • Re: handwriting "experts"Michael, Wed Apr 24 11:43
      Richard - I think you are confusing "Michael 5150" with me. I just post as "Michael." We do however agree about this supposed "science." Personally I think a lie detector is more reliable and that... more
      • two michaelsRichard E Sloan, Wed Apr 24 13:01
        so who are you, Michael 5150? Got a last name?
        • Re: two michaelsJoe, Thu Apr 25 11:40
          Bottom line here is that Hauptmann wrote each and every one of the ransom notes. The scope of technique and expertise that determined this at the trial has never been reasonably questioned. There is... more
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