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Re: handwriting "experts"
Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:34

Okay so let's take a look at this. It's more of a rebuttal to what Script wrote above to outline his flawed position.

First thing's first. He is citing the above Experts for a reason. What is that reason? That they should be believed. Okay so if we follow that logic then one has to believe Patsy Ramsey wrote that Ransom Note in the Ramsey case.

How does Script feel about that I wonder? Does he disagree? If so - do you see HOW that works?

Plaintiff, however, asserts that his retained experts believe Mrs. Ramsey to be the author of the Ransom Note. Indeed, Gideon Epstein and Cina Wong, the handwriting experts proffered by plaintiff, opine that they are "100 percent certain" Mrs. Ramsey wrote the Ransom Note.


Now to this case.

Peter Baier:

1. (Page 2) "Today's writing Experts who mainly deal with younger and alive writers do not know writing behavior in those days of all details".

Question: Does this apply to Script?

2. (Page 2) "At least it must be stated according to these unsatisfying circumstances conclusions can be reached only with a reduced degree of probability."

Question: What does "reduced degree of probability" mean? Someone explain this to Script.

3. (Page 4) "Dr. Baier concludes the Nursery note was written with the "unfamiliar hand.

Question: Does Script believe this? If not - how can he support everything else?

4. (Page 6) "In the ransom letters is one mirror-inverted capital "N" (see figure 23) that can be found in the requested material (see figure 24), but as we do not know, how the request of writings was performed (maybe Hauptmann was instructed to write capital "N" in such a manner), it cannot be assessed definitely.

*Question: Hauptmann possibly instructed? Also, what does "it cannot be assessed definitely means? Someone explain this to Script.

4. (Page 7) "Looking at all these findings no definite and unambiguous conclusion can be drawn."

*Question: What does "no definite and unambiguous conclusion can be drawn" mean? Someone explain this to Script.

5. (Page 7) "Aforementioned material critique demands restrained appraisal of results."

*Question: What does "restrained appraisal of results" mean? Someone explain this to Script.

6. (Page 7) "Hence it can be assumed that Bruno Richard Hauptmann wrote probably the ransom notes."

*Question: What does "probably" mean?

**Answer to above question:

(Page 4): Dr. Baier's levels of criteria

1. Near Certain probability
2. Very Highly Probable
3. Highly Probable
4. Probable
5. Undecidable

Compare this to SWGDOC guidelines used by many Experts:

1. Identification
2. Highly Probable
3. Probably
4. Indications
5. No Conclusion

I do not know if Hauptmann wrote the notes. Since I have no dog in this fight, it seems to me its best to rely on one's very own eyes when reading these reports and looking at the handwriting oneself instead of being "guided" by Script's post above. He certainly left out quite a bit.

  • Re: handwriting "experts"Michael 5260 for Richard, Thu Apr 25 09:36
    The Nursery Note and the March 4 ransom note were written by the same hand. Both notes are from one sheet of stationery that was torn in half. When Peter Baier, Gideon Epstein, and Grant Sperry... more
    • Re: handwriting "experts" — Michael For Richard, Fri Apr 26 10:34
    • doze notesRichard E Sloan, Thu Apr 25 10:34
      thanx for that report. very, very interesting!
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