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Hauptmann's final letter.
Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:58

Anthony Scaduto told us Hauptmann was a good speller. Ludovic Kennedy said the same thing. Was Hauptmann a spelling bee champion? Let's look at his last letter to Governor Hoffman that he wrote while on death row, March 31, 1936.

We find:

untill for until
solvet for solved
unter for under
offert for offered
beging for begging
sah for saw
wen for when
already for already
connectet for connectet
troublet for troubled
partons for pardons
cinse for since
whit for with
klear for clear
whitout for without
sah for saw
cource for course
realelize for realize
whit for with
were for where
were for where
past for passed
halfe for half (erroneous "e" on the end)
sah for saw
thos for those (dropping off of the "e")
through for throw
offer for over
wo for who
past for passed
whitout for without
past for passed
whitout for without
whit for with
solvet for solved
taks for takes
whit for with
the for they
sah for saw
cober for cover
particle for particular

Hauptmann's last letter is really not that long, yet we find all these misspellings and they are misspellings of simple words.

One of the examiners at Hauptmann's trial testified that Hauptmann had trouble spelling because he did not understand the sound of words. This letter proves that the examiner's testimony was truthful.

We find that Hauptmann had the same trouble spelling words when he was writing this last letter that are found in the Lindbergh ransom notes:

Doubling of consonants-untill, allready.
In the ransom notes-
untill,thiss,allredy,bee,gett,affter,affrait,trapp,faills, lett, hiss, allright.

Trouble with the "c" and "s" use- cinse, cource.
In the ransom notes-cace, notise, plase, puch, sertain, servise, chould, becauce, pleace, innocent, senter.

Erroneous "e" on the end of a word-halfe.
In the ransom notes-note for not, cane for can, finde, fore, bee, hase.

Trouble with the "ed" ending- solvet, troublet, connectet, offert.
In the ransom notes- canselt, notifyt, cupturet, exspectet.

The use of "the" for "they".
In the ransom notes- the use of "the" for "they".

The use of "were" for "where".
In the ransom notes- the use of "were" for "where".

Dropping off of the final "e"- "thos" for those".
In the ransom notes- befor, els, ther.

From our observations we can safely conclude that Scaduto and Kennedy were full of hot air when they claimed that Hauptmann was a good speller. Hauptmann was probably trying to write his very best when he was writing this letter since it was going to the Governor of New Jersey and it still came out inundated with misspellings of simple words.

Another rational observation is that Hauptmann had the same spelling idiosyncrasies and quirky misuse of words that are found in the Lindbergh ransom notes. We also know there were no policemen hiding in Hauptmann's prison cell whispering to him how to spell words.

    • Re: Hauptmann's final letter.steve romeo, Sat Apr 27 11:23
      I don't know how those authors can say he was a good speller. that's why there books are lame
      • Re: Hauptmann's final letter.Michael 5260 for Steve, Sat Apr 27 14:10
        I think they write that kind of stuff because it sounds good. They also know that the chances of someone actually digging deeply into the topic is just about zero.
        • spellingRichard E Sloan, Sun Apr 28 10:01
          Most people born and educated here --are not good spellers. Why, even STeve misspelled "there"! And I am always asking my wife how to spell certain words. What do you expect of Bruno! SOmeone must... more
          • Re: spellingsteve for rich, Tue Apr 30 10:17
            you got me rich I rush and misspell words sometimes
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