Richard E Sloan
Jafsie recording
Sun Apr 28, 2019 09:54

I was the one who bought it, thinking it must be JFC's recording of what transpired at Woodlawn Cem. It turned out to be a dud. On one side he is chatting every few secs. with someone, and very far from the mic, about some football scores. The other side is blank. You can imagine my disappointment I can only deduce that this was a warm up/ test disc that the FBI made, before making the real thing. Too bad. A big disappointment. I have been searching for this for years. I know it exists, bec. about a min. or less of it was used by the BBC in creating their documentary, "Who Killed the Lindbergh Baby?", narrated by Ludovic Kennedy. I asked the BBC about it,, and they couldn't tell me. After playing this record, I asked the FBI in a letter if they have it but got no response. And so I keep looking. WARNING -- if anyone finds it, don't try to play it on a modern day record player. It must be played with a certain type of steel needle and athe arm must be a certain weight. O/w it will be ruined and the grooves destroyed! I took great pains to play mine. I went up to CT, where a knowledgeable friend had the right equipment. He is an expert on this sort of thing. BTW, the label says #1, which indicates that there was a #2.

  • I saw this in a posting on the Lindbergh Kidnapping Discussion Board. Does anyone know if it was what it claimed to be?
    • Jafsie recording — Richard E Sloan, Sun Apr 28 09:54
      • Re: Jafsie recordingJoe for Richard, Sun Apr 28 11:31
        Ouch, sorry to hear that Richard. Yes, I'm sure there must be at least one copy out there, and I hope the recording itself is made available to researchers someday.
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