Richard E Sloan
Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:01

Most people born and educated here --are not good spellers. Why, even STeve misspelled "there"! And I am always asking my wife how to spell certain words. What do you expect of Bruno! SOmeone must have helped him with that letter. If not a guard, then either his lawyer or his wife was allowed to visit him in the cell to help him. (I own a two-page letter she wrote in longhand to a museum in her later years, and she seems to have been good at spelling.) DO you know that a high percentage of people spell "cemetery" as "cemetary"?)

  • Re: Hauptmann's final letter.Michael 5260 for Steve, Sat Apr 27 14:10
    I think they write that kind of stuff because it sounds good. They also know that the chances of someone actually digging deeply into the topic is just about zero.
    • spelling — Richard E Sloan, Sun Apr 28 10:01
      • Re: spellingsteve for rich, Tue Apr 30 10:17
        you got me rich I rush and misspell words sometimes
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