Michael 5260
Little things have merit.
Wed May 1, 2019 11:26

In the series of Lindbergh ransom notes the word "before" appears three times. All three times it is spelled "befor".

In Hauptmann's 1933 letter to Mrs. Begg the word "before" appears once. It is spelled "befor".

In a May 1934 letter, in German, written by Hauptmann the word "before" is written in a sentence and it is spelled "befor". The German word for "before" is "vor", or "bevor", "zuvor, or "vorher", depending on its use in a sentence when writing in German. It is obvious that Hauptmann used an English word when he wrote the sentence in German.

No guesswork. No misinterpretation. Hauptmann wrote "before" in the sentence and spelled it "befor" while he was writing in German. What was going on in his pea brain at the time he wrote the letter we do not know, but he did spell "before" as "befor", in English, the same way the word is spelled in the ransom notes.

It should be evident to us that police were not lurking around coaching, instructing, or trying to railroad Hauptmann with handwriting evidence when he was writing the letter to Mrs. Begg or writing his May 1934 letter in German.

    • Re: Little things have merit.steve for mike, Thu May 2 10:03
      years ago I went to a lecture at a library in new jersey a document examiner who studied the case had a great case against Hauptman and I have his papers I will try to dig them out for you
      • Re: Little things have merit.Michael 5260 for Steve, Thu May 2 11:09
        Was it the Monmouth County Library, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan, NJ?
        • Re: Little things have merit.steve for mike, Sat May 4 12:43
          no it was a long name malapon or something like that
          • the tableRichard Sloan, Sun May 5 09:45
            so are we all pretty much in agreement that the message on the table was a hoax and that the holes in it were never used as a template for the ransom notes?
          • Re: Little things have merit.Michael 5260 for Steve, Sat May 4 13:30
            Was the library off of Route #9 in New Jersey?
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