Michael 5260 for Bob Mills
Re: patience of Job?
Sat May 18, 2019 12:53

Interpreting Hauptmann's answers to Foley's questions about the trim board writing is similar to deciding if a half of glass of water is half full or half empty.

A person can decide that Hauptmann is just being nebulous with his answers or that he is being evasive with his answers.

The point that should not be missed is that Hauptmann is refusing to confirm or deny the handwriting and he was failing to answers questions in a straightforward manner.

Hauptmann was waffling around and there was no reason to do so if he was not responsible for the handwriting. When a person does this they are attempting to hide the truth.

The Tom Cassidy story has some major speed bumps to it. How would this reporter, or any other writer for that matter, know Dr. Condon's 1932 telephone number, the one that was listed in the telephone directories and then changed to an unlisted telephone number, and be able to write it on the trim board in September 1934? Cassidy memorized it and carried it around in his head for two and a half years in case he would need it when a kidnapping suspect was apprehended? Or,that he had it written down on a piece of paper and carried it around in his pocket for two and a half years just in case it might be needed? Cassidy goes to all this trouble and the story about finding the handwriting on the trim board appears in the newspaper written by a different news reporter with that reporter's byline identifying him as the writer of the news story. This is certainly a bizarre way for Cassidy to get a fresh scoop on the other newspapers by fabricating handwriting evidence and then failing to write the story about finding it.

It may be uncomfortable but these are the kind of things that have to be thought about.

  • patience of Job?bob mills for michael 5260, Sat May 18 04:23
    What could Hauptmann have said that would satisfy you? There was no telephone in his apartment. Yet, we''re asked to believe he wrote Condon't phone number on a wall board? That's like buying a... more
    • Re: patience of Job? — Michael 5260 for Bob Mills, Sat May 18 12:53
      • Bruno's answersRichard E Sloan, Sun May 19 11:39
        If he was guilty, why didnt he say, "I didn't write any of this; someone is framing me." ? If he was innocent, why didnt he say, "I didnt write any of this; some one is framing me."
        • Re: Bruno's answersMichael 5260 for Richard E. Sloan, Sun May 19 13:48
          This trim board writing may have completely surprised Hauptmann. He may have forgotten about it,since he wrote it in 1932, and now he was confronted with it in 1934. I think Hauptmann was afraid of... more
          • Bruno's responsesRichard E Sloan, Mon May 20 21:27
            I dont go along with your reasoning at all.
            • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael 5260 for Richard E Sloan, Tue May 21 09:39
              In order for a person to write the correct 1932 telephone number, 3-7154, a person would either have to have the number memorized or carrying it with them at the time Hauptmann's apartment was being... more
              • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael , Tue May 21 13:53
                Your position is very flawed. Every Reporter knew Condon's phone number ... and they called it often before his wife changed the number.
                • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe, Tue May 21 14:49
                  Hauptmann admitted to Samuel Foley it was his handwriting, but still creatively adept enough after being caught red-handed to come up with an explanation, which he felt would suffice. If he knew it... more
                  • denied itRichard E Sloan, Wed May 22 09:34
                    That's right, Joe; he simply would have denied it altogether. Guilty or not, he would have denied it. That's what's so perplexing.
                    • Re: denied itMichael For Richard, Wed May 22 09:49
                      The Reporter wrote the phone number there. He admitted it to several people but the one who counts for me is Lloyd Fisher. Since I am familiar with Fisher's material he wasn't the type to make... more
                  • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael For Joe, Tue May 21 15:27
                    Wow Joe. That took you a couple just a couple of sentences to explain! Meanwhile, it took me 60 pages and 200 footnotes. Don't like it? Well call it from the hand of an "apologist." Make it "appear"... more
                    • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe, Thu May 23 10:28
                      Michael, if it takes you 60 pages and 200 pages of research writing to conclude that a reporter wrote Condon's phone number on the closet trim, based on what Lloyd Fisher claims he was told by the... more
          • Re: Bruno's answersJoe, Mon May 20 11:20
            Hauptmann also boxed himself into a corner by stating he had a habit of writing things down on walls and other pieces of trim. The dollar and serial figures on the back of the nursery closet door... more
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